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Windows 10 to Release on 29th of July

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Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be released late next month on the 29th of July. If you have Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8.1 will be able to upgrade for free at any time for the next year from the release date.

More: http://blogs.windows.com/bloggingwindows/2015/06/01/hello-world-windows-10-available-on-july-29/

You can reserve your free upgrade from today by clicking on the small Windows icon located at the right end of the taskbar. It should look like this.


Learn how to reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10 http://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/windows/windows-10-upgrade?OCID=win10_null_vanity_win10upgrade

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The system requirements for the pre-versions of Win10 are kinda similar to Windows 7, but hard drive space is definitely hitting onto the single-layer Blu-ray size disc.


From the looks of new previews, looks like Windows 10 is a combination of Windows Vista and Windows 8.1. :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:


Also about that Xbox feature, that still doesn't mean that Windows 10 can play all Xbox console games in Windows, except by streaming/recording games from the console. It's a pointless feature unless Windows 10 can finally play all Xbox games via the console into the PC (and include mouse support).

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I wonder if I can reserve after it's released (within the mentioned one year window). I'd like to see the initial reactions before potentially botching up my machine.

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I wonder if I can reserve after it's released (within the mentioned one year window). I'd like to see the initial reactions before potentially botching up my machine.


I would assume so yes. However you can reserve your download now, let it download and install it when your ready. You can also opt out at any time between now on the 29th of July.


Here some other things to consider before upgrading to Windows 10.


In an interesting support note that appeared alongside today’s announcement about the July 29 launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has spelled out which features from previous Windows versions it will remove or deprecate when you upgrade. There are some expected entries—Windows Media Center, for example—but also a few surprises.


Here’s the rundown of deprecated functionality.


Windows Media Center. Microsoft announced a month ago that it had killed Media Center and would not support it in Windows 10. So this one shouldn’t be surprising: If you have Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Pro with Media Center, or Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center and you install Windows 10, Windows Media Center will be removed.


DVD playback. “Watching DVDs requires separate playback software,” Microsoft notes. But I assume any existing DVD playback software will continue running. And in a separate FAQ, Microsoft says it is “providing a free DVD playback app in Windows 10 for Windows Media Center users.”


Desktop gadgets. Windows 7 desktop gadgets—a weird holdover from Windows Vista—will be removed when you upgrade to Windows 10.


Preinstalled games. The games that come pre-installed on Windows 7 (like Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts) will be removed when you upgrade to Windows 10 upgrade. New versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper (called the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Microsoft Minesweeper, respectively) are available in Windows 10 instead.


Floppy drive support. If you have a USB floppy drive, you will need to download the latest driver from Windows Update or from the hardware maker’s web site to use it with Windows 10.


Windows Live Essentials (Windows Essentials). No, Essentials won’t be removed, thankfully. But the OneDrive application that came with Essentials will be removed and will be replaced with the “in-box version of OneDrive,” meaning the sync application. (A universal OneDrive app is coming later as well.)


Windows Updates. This is the most interesting one. In previous Windows versions, you could control how updates were installed. But those with Windows 10 Home will have updates from Windows Update made available automatically. Only Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise users will be able to defer updates.


Source: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/3881/here-are-the-features-windows-10-will-remove-when-you-upgrade

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I also noticed they mentioned "apps" like Music, Video etc. Is Windows Media Player being split to mimic the Windows Phone structure? :P

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I'll use Windows 10 eventually, but I won't be doing an upgrade to replace Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. 10 isn't quite bringing enough to the table for me to switch right away.

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