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Question about Origin's Game Time

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Although I still have Battlefield 4 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare in my Origin library that had yet to be downloaded, both were Game Time exclusives. Talking about 168 free hours of BF4 MP, that can be done in several hours due to a limited amount of maps (excluding user progress with additional weapons, upgrades, etc.). Also is that Garden Warfare is MP co-op, but I am doubtful it can play as SP, but I do know (according to EA E3's articles) that the upcoming Garden Warfare 2 will have SP.


But my question is does Game Time work on single-player/skirmish of those games or do they only work with multiplayer only?

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I would presume it works for all game modes? It would seem silly to have a 'free game' for 24 hours and then block half the game.

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BTW PvZ SP is a wave/horde mode only. Single, split screen local on console, and 4-player wave mode online.

I love this game on my xboxone.

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