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One Year of C&C:Online

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One year ago today C&C:Online was successfully launched in the wake of the impending GameSpy shutdown to keep online services for the likes of Red Alert 3, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, Generals and Zero Hour online. Here at CNCNZ.com, we fully endorse and support C&C:Online. So we want to say congratulations to the C&C:Online team for a job well done in the past year. The C&C:Online online administrators made this announcement.


Happy Birthday C&C:Online!


We opened our doors to the playing public a year ago today, following quite a frenzy trying to get everything working before GameSpy shut down. We made it just in time, through determination and sleep deprivation. We've kept ourselves busy since then, adding features, improving stability and nurturing the supported games. We've even opened an entirely new Revora server dedicated to C&C:Online. We've made it through our first year now and it's been quite a ride, but we're not going to stop striving to improve the user experience.


Special thanks to Gamereplays.org for their dedicated server support, tournaments, and general helpfulness.


We hope to welcome you on our server for many more years to come.


See you online!

Phil, ICT, ToxicShock, Mathijs

C&C:Online Administrators


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It's still hard to believe it's been that long since the GameSpy shutdown panic. I've enjoyed seeing the service shape up, though I do say so myself :)

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