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Hi all,


I have a small question, for Tiberian Sun Redux I want to remake the original functionality of the building in Tiberium Wars. If you don' t recall what the building was/did.


The Waste Facility is basically the same as the Tiberium Refinery where a harvester collects and bring it to the refinery, but instead of a harvester and tiberium, the Waste Facility, use a Weed Eater, which will then collect veins from the vein hole monster to create a chemical missile, and this is what I want to re-create, but before I spend hours of useless time which I could spend on something else for the mod, I want to ask some other CnC 3 modders if this is possible.


What I was thinking is, if it is possible to connect the Timer/Counter/cool down to the tiberium storage level, and when it reach 100 % capacity that it the missile is loaded.


theoretically it should work.

  • use the original Tiberium Refinery code
  • Modify the code of the TR so it spawns a Weed Eater instead, that would search for veins instead of Tiberium
  • When the capacity is reach, missile is ready to fire.

but is this even do able in Tiberium Wars. Again I just want to make sure, because if I spend like a month on it and it isn't even able to do, I could better just spend that 1 month on the assets for the mod instead.

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The problem with working of the supply system, is :


You probably can't tell the vein harvester to ONLY harvest Veins and ONLY deposit in the waste facility. It will harvest normal tiberium aswell and deposit it at the closest refinery, altho there is a option to set it to harvest trees, its a remnant from bfme i guess and probably not usefull anymore.


If i was trying to achieve something like this i would think more along the line of a visual illusion of harvesting the veins.


Like have a wastefacility, but instead of spawning harvester it just spawns a leashed drone with an attachupdate set only to attach to veins. When its attached to the vein it basicly kills that vein over time(you could use damage transitions to mimick depletion of the vein-think tib crystal grow rate mechanic-).

There are ways to prevent the drone from attaching to a new vein after that, mimicking its return to the facility(unloading effect), you can probably use some lua to do some handshaking effect, maybe with a stacking atribute mod or such to achieve some sort of counter...maybe.


All by all is probably doable....just might take some hefty coding effort. but i doubt its doable through a quick and easy refinery duplication.

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