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RedAlert++ Has Been Announced

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A new project called RedAlert++ has been announced. RedAlert++ is an open source re-implementation of the Red Alert engine. Written from scratch in C++. It is a project to create an accurate reimplementation of the game engine used for the classic Westwood Studios RTS. It should be noted, this is a different project and not be confused with OpenRA.



RedAlert++ is a project to create an accurate reimplementation of the game engine used for the classic Westwood Studios RTS, Command & Conquer: Red Alert in C++.


The team developing this are fans of the game who want to see it preserved and ensure it can be enjoyed properly on modern platforms. They do not have access to any of the original source code, and the project is being developed from scratch through careful examination and comparison to the original. This is to ensure that the new engine is as true to the original engine as possible, guarantee an authentically retro gaming experience. The project is not endorsed, sponsored or in any other way connected to EA/Electronic Arts and and has no intention to profit from the endeavour.


In the coming months, we will be posting regular updates and working towards a public release in the near future.


You can learn more about RedAlert++ by reading the announcement topic posted here. You can also visit the RedAlert++ site.

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I'm just wondering how many Red Alert re-implementations and release package do we need? OpenRA is almost perfect re-implementation of RA adding some cool features of modern RTS games to the original concept. Sadly there isn't a classic C&C mode but I believe it would be easier to implement classic RA on the OpenRA engine rather than rewriting the C&C engine from scratch?

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The OpenRA engine is nothing like the RA engine under the hood. Its designed to be moddable such that it can come close in terms of game play, but some of its behaviours are quite different. It would also require modification to load the original games content, particularly the single player content and custom multiplayer content that people have developed over the years.

The RA mod on the OpenRA engine is more like a total conversion than a re-implementation, albeit on an engine written specifically for the purpose. The new project is aiming to be something like OpenDUNE but for Red Alert.

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