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New Version of OpenRA Available

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A new version of OpenRA has been made available for download. This September release includes many changes and new features that implement several popular requests. Below is just summary.

  • Support for installing assets from an English “The First Decade” DVD.
  • Adding the ability to view the map after a match completes.
  • Adding a notification when a game admin selects a map with custom rules.
  • Recording replays for single player missions.
  • Removing the “Enemy Detected” warnings from RA and D2K.
  • Fixing bottlenecks in the AI and harvesters to dramatically improve late-game performance.

Other notable changes include.

  • Completely overhauled in-game music behaviour (don’t forget to install the music from Extras → Music!).
  • Capture screenshots (saved to the support directory) using Ctrl/Cmd+P.
  • Units will no longer pursue enemies after they disappear under the fog of war.
  • Improved aircraft and paradrop behaviour in RA.
  • Added missions Atreides01a and Atreides01b and FMV installation to D2K.

Visit the OpenRA site for download.

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Never really Modded Ra and TS before but as a fan it really look awesome to see modding tool that keep getting updates

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