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Get a Look at Tiberian Sun in OpenRA

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If you have been following the development of OpenRA, you will know that Tiberian Sun is coming to the open source reimplementation of Westwood's classic Command & Conquer games. Progress has been made but the OpenRA team haven't shown to much of it. Until now. As posted on Kotaku Australia yesterday, SoScared101 on YouTube discovered a work-in-progress version of Tiberian Sun in a developer's build of OpenRA, and of course it's now captured in the video above for all to see. We are not sure if the OpenRA developers want the public to see all this yet but its still pretty damn cool anyway.

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A leak of unreleased developer material with extensive uncontrolled press coverage. Looks like we are becoming more and more professional. ;)

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FiveAces, a great OpenRA commentator, will be hosting a 12-hour marathon stream on YouTube at 12:00 CEST with a sneak peek into the TS mod.


Note: German viewers will be unable to watch the stream live, because German policies yadda yadda yadda. (They will be able to see the video recording afterwards, though).



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Guest Stevie_K

Words cannot explain how hyped I am over this. So happy that these guys are assembling TS on OpenRA.


Hell, I'll take a week off just to create a map or two once it's released.

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