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Twisted Insurrection v0.50 Development Begins

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With updates to the current public release of the Twisted Insurrection mod for Tiberian Sun coming to an end, development has now shifted on the next internal Version, 0.50. There is lot to accomplish in next major release, so here is quick summary of what has been planned.

  • Additional campaign missions
  • Twisted Dawn campaigns
  • GloboTech's own mini-campaign
  • Completion of more faction structure artwork
  • Unit revision (add or replace units)
  • Further and more thorough bug fixing
  • Many more multiplayer maps
  • Better or improved client options and features
  • Some more cinematics for campaign missions
  • New additions to the TI OST

The video above shows off some the great video work being done. Watch the cool looking Nod Logo cinematic. You can read more about Twisted Insurrection v0.50 development right here.

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Guest Stevie_K

Cool cinematic. Fits right in with the style of the originals of this kind.

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