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Latest Playtest of OpenRA Released

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The latest play test version of OpenRA has been made available for download. This build includes all of the major new features and balance changes that have been planned for the Christmas release, and it is going to be one of the biggest releases yet. If you need some convincing to try this new play test build of OpenRA, here 10 reasons why you should....

  1. New chat lobby
  2. Game speed options
  3. Overhauled Dune 2000 mod
  4. Tiberian Dawn mod improvements
  5. Red Alert mod improvements
  6. Joystick scrolling
  7. Units “defend” by default
  8. New asset installer
  9. Fixes and performance
  10. Improved map and mod support

You can read more detailed information about these 10 reasons to try this new play test build. Visit the OpenRA site for download.

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Yay for joystick mode... I missed that hope it works as expected.

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