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Prism Tank

Renegade Questions

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two questions on renegade

Mission 8: Is it possible to make the obelisk go on your side? it says it can in the objectives

Can a "Capture buildings mod" be made for renegade?

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It's not possible to have Obelisks turn on their enemies.. I've completed Renegade a total of 9 or so times now and I have to say I've never seen anything like that happen..


As far as I know it's not possible to take over buildings.. if it was the Renegade Alert team (working on the Renegade Alert Version of the game) would of found and implemented it by now, so I'd say that's a definate no..


That should help ya :wink:

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It most probably will, it's the limitations of the W3D Renegade engine which is one of the reasons everyone is shifting to the HL2:Source engine... since as the name implies, the source code for the engine is readily availible to help with all manners of First Person Shooter modification.

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