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how can to add a music to play on mainmenu screen with static image

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hi everybody ! i need help to do this ! who knows how to add a music for mainmenu screen of zerohour 1.04


i can change all of the zh music tracks in gameplay or even i know about shellmap , i cant find the way to about the play a music on mainmenu with default background image[static] , its neccessary to create a new mod but i dont know is it possible ???????


neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed help !! :(:)

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Old post I know but I will just leave this here in case the OP or anyone else needs additional help on this.

As far as I know you can't. Its hardcoded into the game. Spent many years trying to figure it out, what you have to do instead is make a small tile map in Worldbuilder and black it out.


When I did the new fast loading menu screen for Tiberian Dawn Redux I did the above method by creating a small map then custom designed a background image, next I went into gmax and made a flat plane and applied the background texture to it before exporting it to a .w3d model. Then I coded it into the game as an misc. system object then placed it in worldbuilder in the center of the aforementioned map. I then disabled the shroud and made a initialcameraposition waypoint and scripted the camera to look down at the ground at this waypoint where my model was placed at the center of the map. viola a working fast loading map with a background that allows background menu music.

Oh and yes the clock is in the mainmenu.wnd code and is disabled by default but it is in there still.

Also to enable the normal shellmap with music and in-game videos you will need to set generals.exe to WinXPSP2 compatibility mode.

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