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Creating a whole new upgrade to assign to a unit

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I want to give SWG Tomahawks a Fuel Bomb upgrade (same as in their Aurora jets, only smaller in scale) via SC so that SWG has more aggressive presence in the midgame. I snooped around the forums and found tutorials for creating units and buildings, but the information in those didn't seem to be applicable to creating upgrades. My main problem is that I simply don't know the names of the .INI files that modify what the upgrades DO. I have of course found a bunch of things related to the upgrades, but they're usually for just modifying the price, build time, and pre-requisites, etc. At this point I am starting to wonder whether the upgrade behavior is in the scripts at all, or if it's hardcoded.


Thank you for reading, I hope you can answer my question.


EDIT: As a side question, how is script hierarchy handled? There sometimes seem to be same modifiers in different files, not to mention INIZH.BIG itself, which doesn't seem to be affected when modifying the .INI files(?)

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This is an excellent question for sure. I've been temped to clone a Technical for this very reason. To see how it's handled. As a unit it has no initial weapon... It auto-upgrades from Tech build 1 etc. to determine it's complete build. Seems more like they were playing with it themselves (devs) 'cause it didn't need to be that confusing.


During my messing around... I'm not as into Mods as many... I cloned a Helix and changed all 'attachments/upgrades" to work all at once. Didn't crash the game, but only one graphic (likely mesh) add-on was displayed. However, you can also change the details of cloned versions and call those into use via upgrade. Is that what you were asking? hmmm....


The add-ons are their own units, ie "ChinaTankOverlordGattlingCannon" is a unit, and as such editable as a unit to use "PRIMARY GattlingBuildingGun" can be "PRIMARY BuggyRocketWeapon".

I've not delved into the meshes, so not going to talk about the look, or the positioning (I did try to edit that before and sucked at it.


Likely didn't help, but enjoyed sharing.


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If you're still interested in this I can guide you through the whole process via skype, it's really not that complicated.


One of the ways to do this is to create an upgrade that will trigger a weapon change of the tomahawk. The new weapon will have a detonation ocl that will create the fuel air explosion.


Other way to do this is to create an upgrade that will actually modify the projectile itself and leave weaponset upgrades intact so you will be able to create even another upgrade for the weapon later if you wish.


You should extract weapon.ini, upgrade.ini and americavehicle.ini Also extract weaponobject.ini.

Extracting commandset.ini and commandbutton.ini is needed too, as you will need to add the upgrade to some structure so you can purchase it. It all sounds complicated but it's really easy, as I said drop me a PM and I'll send you my skype and I can walk you by hand through the whole process.


I can also write a tutorial that will be pretty much doing what you want but splitted into steps so it can be adapted to other upgrades too.

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