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All of the RA2 blueprints/schematics were intentionally made at resolutions too low to read the text, probably because it is only nonsense filler text.

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Very much seems so. Managed to grab a screenshot from red2cracker's Collector's Edition cutscene upload (though it would be nice if anyone else who owned that DVD could say if they can get it even clearer)...



The way I see it, the first tag on the right says "This is a prism tower, really it is" :D

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Haha, amazing! I'm gonna dig around a bit more to see if I can find the whole text.


Update: I came across this researching document about ULR text, which talks about some sort of software that is able to recognize low resolution next and is 98-99% accurate most of the time. There's one problem though, I can't find this program, and I don't have the time reading through a hundred pages searching for some sort of link or name.


If someone knows a little bit more on the subject, please share! Even though it's just filler text, I think it'd be funny to actually know what says on it.


Mentioned Document: https://doc.rero.ch/record/10628/files/EinseleF.pdf

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"Crystals that reflect light"!

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"340(?) miles long" is the diameter of the top. Someone was inspired.

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