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C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.4 Released & Gameplay Video

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About a week ago, version 1.4 of the C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux mod for Zero Hour was made available. Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from the original C&C game? Remember the gritty feeling of RTS warfare? Well, that classic game from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS gaming world has been reincarnated in the advanced 3D world of Zero Hour. GDI and Nod are back along with two sub-factions and nearly two dozen recreated campaign missions! Version 1.4 includes the following....


General Gameplay Updates:

  • Visual optimization to the in-game graphics
  • Several vehicle and structure models reworked & re-textured
  • Skirmish AI rebuilt and optimized for a better gameplay experience
  • Skirmish AI utilizes more units and buildings
  • Maps and single-player missions debugged/re-scripted
  • Tiberium spawning optimized to avoid game lag/crashes
  • Balance fixes to several units and buildings
  • Harvester and MCV movement speed slightly increased
  • Base Defense Armour/HP increased
  • Optimized water and terrain textures
  • APC's and Transport Helicopters can now heal infantry
  • Engineers can disable & repair vehicles
  • Harvesters now show empty/full states when harvesting tiberium
  • FPS Controller added to the options menu

You can also check out the great game play the video above that shows off a recreation of the first GDI mission from the original Command & Conquer. Once you're done watching the video, follow this link for the download.

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Great intro video, kept wanting to zoom in though.


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