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Need advice. GFx card upgrade and mobo compatibility

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So this is the exact motherboard i have:



And this the card i'm looking to get next month:



I'm not entirely sure if it will fit in there. Sure its PCIe and all but it 'takes two slots' it says, i have a GTX 650 now, does anyone know if the GTX 950 will fit in my pc?

Cause if not i'll have to shop for something else lol :D


Thanks for any help :)

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It'll work fine, but I would probably recommend spending about 40 to 50 more Euros to get a 960. It will last a lot longer than a 950 will.

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I dunno man, it's a lot of money for me lol. I don't really have that demanding games really.

I think next year i'll save up a bit to get a new computer custom built instead. Just one last minor upgrade to the gfx card on this one.

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Should be ok if its going in the "PCI_E2" slot. Unless there are some physical restrictions because of the design of your case. I do a see a problem if you have to use the "PCI_E4" slot.

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