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The question replies you have on record might need adjustment. "What was the first C&C game?" I replied Command and Conquer (which is the correct answer, I can send you a pic of the box. lol). "Name one of the Red Alert Add-ons?" I said The Aftermath, again, correct answer but refused.


I suggest that the replies accepted need to be broadened according to Caps and other variables. If that isn't possible it should be removed as a Anti-Bot feature.

I started to make a new account (as I forgot I had one), and the questions, while neat, got very annoying since they didn't accept the correct answers and stalled me there at account creation for over 20 minutes... To which I would normally tell you to 'bugger off' instead of continuing.


Anyways, I thought Id bring this up as there is a very large community out there and perhaps they're not coming here for those very reasons.




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I'll look into this later today. Thanks for reporting the problem.

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So I've fine tuned the Question and Answer Challenges for user registration based on your suggestions. Adding in some extra acceptable terms for the names of the games/expansions etc...

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