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Michael Fulcher

Toolbar displaying incorrectly in C&C95 on Windows 10 64bit

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Used cc95v106c_r3_u2_full​.exe to install (as you must).

I've used 1024x768, I want to run at 1440x900.


The videos are displayed correctly - stretched across the screen.


The main menu screen is only displayed small in the upper left corner, that I don't mind.


When playing the first mission the game starts the map in the lower right corner, then when the MCV is deployed all the graphics move to pixel-to-pixel from the upper left side (leaving behind a ghost of what was previously rendered) (image attached/below [in_game_2_mission_1-display_ghost.jpg].


The big problem is that when using either mode the in game toolbar (or sidebar) is only displaying 4 squares (or 4 units) of each type (picture below), the power bar is also displayed wrong.




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Yeah, without the "extended sidebar" hack, 4 icons is the maximum it will display on the sidebar, so that's normal. As far as the 1st couple of missions, the problem is that the maps are too small for the screen if you're using at least 1024x768 resolution. Not a problem as you progress to the larger missions, but other than that, you can lower the resolution.

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Since the time me and most people have to go searching for stuff the the messy net is limited, I must ask... Where can I get the "extended sidebar" hack?

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search around on cnc-comm.com Maybe ask Funkyfr3sh or Iran, I cant remember exactly where for the singleplayer version. I may have it somewhere, if I find it, I'll post here. The streamlined cncnet multiplayer version comes with it, but for some stupid reason you can't play the campaigns on that :(

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Just tested it again, works fine here


The address looks weird, don't know what this one is about

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Weird... I get random crashes sometimes, but I actually disable ccdraw in the ccconfig program (if I'm not recording gameplay) and it runs as smooth as heck now. May have to fiddle with compatibility settings, though. What windows you running?

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The extended sidebar hack works fine for me too. I'm using Windows 7, though.

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The only problem I see on all these screenshots is someone using a ridiculously large screen resolution for a game that was originally designed for 320x200. My patch notes specifically say resolutions over 1024x768 are not advised.



5. Notes on the new resolutions:

Resolutions that are higher than the size of the playable part of the map cause some odd problems. Because of this, the use of resolutions higher than 1024x768 is entirely at your own risk. Don't even bother trying ridiculously high resolutions like 1600x1200. Since the maximum size of a C&C map is only 1488x1488 pixel, that would cause problems on pretty much every C&C map.


Specific issues:

1. Small mission maps:
The first campaign missions for each side will be smaller than the screen resolution, which gives some odd graphical bugs. Most of these are fixed by just touching the edge of the screen with your cursor (to scroll) and then opening and closing the main menu.
2. Savegames:
Some strange bugs may appear when loading savegames saved in a different resolution. These are usually fixed by opening the sidebar.
3. Lowest cell row build bug:
A small bug I've recently discovered in the new resolutions is the inability to place down buildings on the lowest row of cells on the map. Since the actual position where a building is placed is the top left cell of the building, this only affects buildings with a height of one cell though. This means you can't build fences, SAM-sites, turrets or Guard towers there. Advanced Guard Towers and Obelisks of Light are technically 2 cells high, so they don't have this problem. I'm still looking into the cause of this problem. I hope I can fix it soon.

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