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RTS Retrospective: The Brotherhood of Nod

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In a new article the Wayward Strategist has taken a retrospective look at the Brotherhood of Nod from an artistic and visual point of view. Take a nostalgic look back through origins of Nod in Command & Conquer, how they evolved in Tiberian Sun, a return to a more classic look in Tiberium Wars and well their complete departure to wacky designs in Tiberian Twilight. There is even a part devoted to how Nod appears in Tiberium Alliances. Here's a small sample.


Though I pick fun at the unit names in this game, we see here what go on to become some of the iconic units of the Command and Conquer franchise: the Engineer (though this isn’t unique to the Brotherhood, obviously), the Stealth Tank, the Devil’s Tongue Flame Tank, and the Obelisk of Light, just to name a few. These units, along with the aforementioned Chemical Warrior, gave the Brotherhood their reputation for stealth, terror tactics, and brutality that remain hallmarks of their nature to this day.


Check out the rest of the article right here.

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Nice, Armies that based on some sort of belief usually have unique design to their objects in video games and movies

Nod felt a bit in between though, when I see structures like hand of nod it seem to me like structures that either there to show they strong/resist/try to reach god?

But back in the days TW was out and I didn't get used to all of the nod units design they look to me like some sort of bug like design, venom remind me a fly, their MCV is a spider, and the name of the scorpion tank... well you get what I mean ^^

So while the bug style was cool for resistance forces it didn't quite fit for religious army like nod (unless they believe in blubuz/azazel)
Because the whole idea is that they worship something superior, bugs for most people are usually seem as the lowest living being...

Well if nod wanted to show themselves as lower beings compared to their god (Kane)
It could fit I guess

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I think the biggest misconception is that NOD is religious. They are ideologist to the point of spiritual perhaps.
Kane isn’t the harbinger of a god, nor does he asume that role itself. In a way he is a trans-humanist. And the tech used by the brotherhood reflects that, it is a means to an end, to overcome a obstacle.
Its link to the enochian land of NOD is a means to an end as well, Kane uses the need for religion to rally the downtrodden, the worlds paria's to his cause. Terrorists(all tho they prefer to call them self revolutionists or freedom fighters on their side of the line), the poor, the ruined and oppressed. Kane's best weapon for recruitment is GDI's political machine itself that creates those opportunities. NOD didn’t create the red zones, GDI did by prioritising Blue zone reclamation. High placed NATO countries are in the blue zone, while a lot of the middle east and third world countries arent.

Whether planned or accidental, one of the greatest sub leaders NOD ever had from a true Kane point of view is Killian Qatar. She is smart adaptive and loyal to the idea of a brotherhood. If she wasn’t set up by Alexa Kovacs, KMane wouldn’t have executed her for treason. Despite his merciless brutality (which is a means to an end as well) he shows understanding and gives second chances. Displayed several times for his "commander" by acknowledging that evens where beyond his control, due to bad orders or lack of situational understanding. Seth, alexa even Slavic are tools. He does show anger about the idea of kiliians betrayal and is upset that he was tricked into her execution. He cares little for Seth or Alexa's betrayal or dead.

Kane has one goal, getting the **** of this ****ball that is earth. Or ascending as he covers it up nicely. And he doesn’t need everyone for that. He is perfectly willing to leave the majority of NOD behind. He isnt a god nor savior, he is a prophet a messenger and if you don't get behind that message, get the **** out of the way.
Any mission given by Kane amplifies that...it is always a step forward to the endgame, not about staying in a stalemate. The Brotherhood doesn’t even matter it is a means to an end. He sacrifices Temple Prime for that.


People should look at the tiberium series as a book. The first book (Tiberium Dawn) isnt the beginning AND the end. NOD is still a fledgling there, the idea of nod isnt completely told yet. Altho alot of people get stuck on the religious concept there. Tiberium sun shows a broader meaning to NOD, again that it is a means to an end, kane's ascention..starting with the catalyst missile launch at the end of the nod campaign as he terra or better extraterraforms te earth. TibDawn was set in our erra where you have a bunch god nuts battling for the earth , Crudly put koran thumping east vs biblethumping america where both believe that god is on THEIR side and validates their war efforts. That kind of manifest destiny attitude leaves alot of homeless, refugees, uprooted people in between. Just look at the state of the world in RL. Kane manipulates those angry masses into a united clenched fist ready to strike at their oppressors. Kane executes Seth for playing their hand against the west to soon and recalls the troops. He even doesnt go to war against the west, but uses the ioncannon to weaken gdi at the end of the NOD campaign. Kane plays the long game, waits for Tib war2 and 3, lets tiberium do the work for him, its ecological disastrous nature weakens gdi because they are inept add stopping it. Kane doesnt want to win the pot, he plays the draw, he wants out of the ****ty game and ascend.

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Nod's "God" is not Kane, Kane is the Messiah as he says in Tiberian Sun to Hassan: "Rule of the thumb Hassan, you can't kill the Messiah!"


Or as Seth says in Tiberian Dawn when you first see him. "I am Seth, just... Seth. From God to Kane to Seth, I am his right hand."


The name Kane refers to the biblical Cain who was banished to walk the land of Nod forever, never dying.


As for the article he makes some mistakes when referring to TS saying that Nod uses nukes and has replaced concrete walls with laser fencing while in fact Nod still has and uses concrete walls.

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Cain who was banished to walk the land of Nod forever, never dying.

Never getting murdered. Cain could still die naturally.

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