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A Path's End - Bluehell Productions Ends Support for A Path Beyond

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With the recent "Delta" release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond, Bluehell Productions have announced that official support for the game has now come to an end after 13 years of development and many successful versions along the way. This is one of the reasons why the new "Delta" release was hosted by the team at W3D Hub. Here's part of the announcement posted on the Bluehell Productions forums.



We've been through a lot together. Unfortunately, the team has grown apart, grown busy, and grown disinterested. The playerbase has simultaneously dwindled only to the most dedicated. Most of the developers that remain no longer possess the time or inspiration to continue progress. Now, then, is when we must look realistically at the state of APB, and to the future of Bluehell Productions. In mind: new technologies, new experiences, new ideas.
As you may have noticed, Delta is hosted by w3dhub. This is because with the release of Delta, Bluehell Productions doesn't intend any further official developer support. We are, essentially, done. We may, at most, provide patches that address Delta's major issues. You'll very likely see us jumping in to play every so often. We may even cry a little when we do.
We, as a team, all members past and present, would like to thank you for your endless support over the past 13 years. It really has been a hell of a ride, and it's brought us great joy to see others enjoy our hard work. You've been just as big a part of this project as we have. Without you, the project meant so little.


You can read the full announcement right here.

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It seems that the devs who migrated to W3D Hub will handle APB's post-release support in the form of bug/balance fixes, though.

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An end to an era.


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