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Renegade X: Red Alert 2 Announced

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Renegade X: Red Alert 2, a new mod for Renegade X has been announced. This is the first total conversion mod we have seen for Renegade X so far. This ambitious mod is hopes to bring the world of Red Alert 2 to the first person action found in Renegade X. Some of the planned features are listed below.
  • Buildings and units from Red Alert 2
  • Two Factions: Soviets and Allied
  • Detailed Buildings
  • Vehicles modelled by original "RA2" Voxel Models
  • Play the game as a shooter
It's still early days for this project but it's good to see C&C modders embracing modern engines. You can learn more Renegade X: Red Alert 2 on their Mod DB page.

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At the moment im a one-man team. Nearly all models are made by me. Also the graphics and the logo of the mod.

Ambitious indeed...


[delete rant]

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^ Broken link. Excited for this though! Very curious how it'll handle things like attack dogs, dolphins, spies etc.

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