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W3D Hub Addresses the Future of Red Alert: A Path Beyond

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There has been a lot of change and transition for Red Alert: A Path Beyond in the past week or so with it's move to W3D Hub, the "Delta" release, and Bluehell Productions ending their development support of it. So to clear everything up, One Winged Angel from W3D Hub decided to address the community via a video that you can watch above. It addresses a few of the concerns brought up by long time fans and will hopefully help to inspire some confidence in what W3D Hub are aiming to build in the future. You can also do some further reading with this letter from the entire team at W3D Hub. Long story short, Red Alert: A Path Beyond will continue, it just has new home now.

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W3D Hub's post is misleading. They host it, they do not own it creatively. Any change they want to make must still be approved by Pushwall, who headed Delta's development. Pushwall remains committed to bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements, and possibly updates to a few old maps. W3D Hub does not have free reign over APB, except in preserving it exactly as Bluehell Productions deems fit.

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...as Bluehell Productions deems fit.

Bluehell Productions has ceased official support for APB which directs all updates to the game to be handled through W3D Hub software and services. Pushwall, as staff at W3D Hub, has creative control of course. A lot of the people that founded and built up W3D Hub invested years into APB (right?), so I look at it as a re-merge of sorts as far as I understand it. Every project has a person or group in charge of creative control/direction, so I see no point in discerning between W3D Hub's devs (which invested a lot of years into projects such as APB) and BHP's devs of which some are going their own ways now that APB is finished - it's the coming together of a fractured community and I hope everyone is as happy to see that happen as the W3D community is.


APB is just like any other project with a core team and a supporting team behind it, simple as that, right? At least, how I've come to see it as a person who has only been in the W3D community for a bit over a year or so. I'm happy with how things have finally come around and everyone is working to better the W3D engine world.



W3D Hub's post is misleading.

I didn't see you mention this on the W3D Hub forum so I'll assume you did privately to some of the devs if that's bothering you or anyone else. Some extra elaboration might be needed then. Perhaps try not to tell neutral sites that something is missleading but go to the source so such things can be corrected if any faults are found in presented news. As far as I've seen, BHP devs were involved in such announcements and even FRAYDO posted some big news as part of W3D Hub if I recall correctly.

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