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New Concept Art from the Cancelled Project Camacho

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Some new concept artwork from the long since cancelled Project Camacho have been found in a new Fine Art post on Kotaku today. The images come from Mike Colonnese, currently an art director at the small studio Superweapon, he previously worked for EA on Command & Conquer games. The images have been tagged as being concepts for Generals 2, also cancelled, but in fact we know they were for Project Camacho, an FPS/RTS hybrid game that was to be set in the C&C Generals universe. But I guess they could have been used for both games. You can check out these images in our Cancelled Command & Conquer Games - Project Camacho gallery.

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That tank is just badass.

Also, if you scroll down long enough, you'll see a kickass render of the Tiberium Wars Mammoth Tank :drool:

(spoiler'd due to resolution)




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