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Zero Hour broken

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Hi, I have recently installed a fresh version of zero hour from the first decade disk and I get a crash on the second splash screen that pops up with no crash report. It just crashes to desktop.


I have gotten it to work when I add one of a few total conversion mods however all the textures in the game go purple and black or invisible, and when I start a custom round and click on where the command center (which is invisible with just a health bar) the game crashes with a serious error.


I have tried different mods, many fresh re-installs of the original game, uninstalled all mods, changed the ini file and many fixes I have found while looking online. The game still crashes at second spash screen without mods.


My system specs are W/7 64-bit with an intel celeron cpu B800 @1.5ghz, 8gb ram, intel hd graphics


Any help would be appreciated.

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Like what Plokite said up there.


Just on a quick note, if you are running Windows 7 64-bit on a slower CPU with integrated graphics, performance lag issues will happen with a weak video card.

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