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Two stage nuclear device mod

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Hello guys!


I've made a small but fun mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour.

It modifies the behaviour of the neutron missile in following ways.


-Overall radius is bigger and the damage dealt is higher.

-Creates EMP blast which turns off buildings and units for a certain amount of time.

-Creates neutron blast which kills pilots of vehicles in a radius smaller than the EMP pulse.

-Creates MOAB like shockwave that pushes units and building debris around Shockwave mod style.

-Shockwave/Contra styled delayed explosion.

-The countdown is raised from 6 minutes to 10.


You really should use this mod alongside a shrubbery fix mod so you will be able to observe how the nuke ignites trees.

Will probably break things if you try using it with other mods, but it's inside it's own .big file so you don't have to worry about breaking anything if you install/remove it.

The installation instructions are inside the .zip.












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Thank You, I've also added a video link to the OP I have no idea how to properly embed it on this site sadly.

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Click on the button called media(between the quote icon and the twitter icon on the toolbar) and paste the youtube link in the media url textbox (you can let the bbq code stay set to media)


like this:


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EMP pulse

So... electromagnetic pulse pulse?


I rather liked it until the end when there was a tiny circle of radiation, was that a terrain issue or is it supposed to do that?

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It's a terrain issue, the ground zero was actually a bit lower than the surroundings.

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