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What movies are you watching in 2016?

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For 2016, lots of great titles, but these are the only several I am looking forward to:
Ip Man 3 (was first released in China last Christmas until the US release this month)
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II: Sword of Destiny
Bourne 5 (still untitled)
Independence Day Insurgence (where Star Wars and Call of Duty meets C&C??)

The rest of them, meh:

Star Trek Beyond
Batman vs Superman
Captain America: Civil War (looks more like The New Avengers to me)
X-Men: Apocalypse
Suicide Squad
Star Wars: Rogue One
Assassin's Creed
Doctor Strange
The Magnificent Seven
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (a spinoff to Harry Potter -- claimed to be a new movie trilogy)

Also WTF are those titles being mentioned in 2016:
Fifty Shades of Black
London Has Fallen (didn't really need a sequel)
Jack Reacher 2 (didn't really need a sequel)

I bet in 2017 will be another great year of blockbuster movies such as:
Fifty Shades Darker
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Ascendant (conclusion to Divergent series)
Avatar 2
Star Wars 8


As for my random thought with movies:



I am getting tired of superhero movies because most of them either suck or they have unnecessary scripting which bore some people like me. I am already tired of rebooted movies with the exception of Dune and Bruce Lee in which no movie studio(s) is attempting to reboot.


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Jack Reacher is a book character with over 20 novels released or in planning (apparently) - so I would say there is plenty of reason for a sequel.

It was a solid movie, nothing special, but nothing wrong with it.

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