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I've been trying to find the lyrics of this amazing song and even asked Frank Klepacki himself, but I only got this from him:


"Hi there! I don't remember exactly - but I believe it was something to the effect of "this is an alert" in Russian"


Does someone else have more info about the lyrics? I'm running out of options :/


You can listen it from here:


Is the second one from the list.

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Trevoga. Тревога (russian)  means alert. Googling myself, and im Russian, to know what they speakin this track) now will try to hear more). Ps. If not Frank's comment about "alert" i wont be able to understand the words they scream in "Grinder"

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Someone I know understood "Тревога, тревога, тревога, нас атакуют" or "Тревога, тревога, тревога, на нас напали"
In English: "Alarm, alarm, alarm, we're under attack"  or "Alarm, alarm, alarm, we were attacked"
He couldn't quite understand the second part, but it has to be one of the two.

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