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This is my first time posting on this site, so welcome to me!


I've played ZH for years but never tried modding until recently. I'm simply trying to give all USA Generals the Laser General - Laser Turret. I've been reading tons of articles and tutorials as such. I have BigEditor and can find the Laser Turret code (I think). I extracted to the INI/Object area too. I copied the isolated code of the bottom of the Super Weapon General page. I've tried to change all the prerequisites and stuff so SupW General can use it. That's where I get stuck. A tutorial said to use World Edit as a next step but it crashes.


Any help would be super great!!!

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You have to copy the building code, rename it and give it a proper prerequisite. Then you need to add a new entry to CommandButton and then add the command to the dozers commandset. WorldBuilder can be used to check what you did wrong when the game crashes. If it doesn't give any results you can also check the crashinfo in your zero hour folder in your documents.

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