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CNCNZ.com Poll: Kane's Wrath Sub Factions

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It has been a long time since we last changed the poll topic so lets get them started again. The new poll question is What is your favourite sub faction in Kane's Wrath? Are you loyal to the Brotherhood with either the Black Hand or Marked of Kane, perhaps your a GDI traditionalist so the Steel Talons or ZOCOM is more to your liking. Or do you favour the Scrin Reaper-17 and Traveller-59 sub factions. To vote in this poll you need to be on the main page of our site, and cast your vote in the poll box on the right side bar. You can also check the the current results in the Poll Archives. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well.

Now to the results of the previous poll, Which of these standalone C&C indie FPS games do you play the most? 41% of the voters said they haven't played any of them, followed by Renegade X with 32%. Full results can be found in the Poll Archives.

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I've been into KW actively these past few years, and I can't pinpoint one exactly and be 100% satisfied with the decision :P

The Steel Talons have the Tiberian Sun vibe going for them, but I see a general design flaw in several vehicles' bunkers not being able to hold more than 4 types of ST infantry. Seriously, I can't see why they cut Snipers and Commandos from the ST arsenal, especially when the only proper unit that could run into battle with a garrisoned bunker was the Hammerhead (the MRT would just ram into the target before 1.02+). I think the faction was wrongly advertised as an infantry-oriented one, as their full potential lies in vehicles and upgrades, and there's no shortage of either. It's hard not to squee like a fangirl at the sight of Titans :D

ZOCOM is basically GDI v1.1. All their additions were adding the "Zone" prefix to a few things, boosting the Shatterer and getting Zone Raiders.

The Black Hand is probably one of the more thoroughly imagined and "new" subfactions, IMO. Their specific stuff fits well in their elite status within Nod, though the lack of aircraft does not make all too much sense - they're kinda supposed to have the best of everything by definition. The lack of stealth technology only has context within the campaign as well. They are a joy to play with, however, so much that they're considered too powerful among competitive players (full-health drafted Confessors from Shredder Turrets and twin elite Commandos, anyone?).

The Marked of Kane are the ones I regret not playing enough as. Their cyborg infantry is very useful (apart from the bugged EMP in standard 1.02) and are actually worthwhile to keep in an army unlike Tiberian Sun and seem to blend in nicely with whatever you put them with. Too bad that's most of their additions.

Traveler-59 is Yuri's army in the Tiberium universe. Not complainin'. A stress on mind-control units and fast infantry seems to have been done alright.

Reaper-17 would definitely be my least favourite subfaction. A few units got shards and/or Tiberium infusion abilities, and that's it. Tier 3 air units, one of the main strong points of the Scrin, are gone. They generally feel unbaked for me.

So, what shall I vote for in the poll? I think I'll go with the Steel Talons, lore-wise.

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I would have picked Steel Talons to be the most played faction (but it lacked the Mastodon, Sandstorm and Sniper Squad whichI thought they deserved to be there), but I went with ZOCOM instead. ;)

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Tough call... since I never played competitively or online mp, it was usually random vs ai.

Therefore I abstained from the poll.

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