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Welcome back commander!

Our tournament officials has been hard at work organizing another OpenRA Tag Team Tournament! It will run March 5&6 and March 12&13 (on saturdays and Sundays). Thanks to the featured casters and the Gamereplays.com crew, there is a $200 pool to be split 80%-20% for first and second place respectively!

As an added bonus, the winning team will be receiving a game on Steam (2 copies of the same game) by me.

Each team will fight sets of 1v1s and 2v2s for each bracket match. Brackets will be arranged randomly.

The tournament will be casted by FiveAces on his Youtube Channel and SoScared ( Twitch Channel ) and myself on my Twitch Channel starting on Saturday March 5th 2016 at 13:00 GMT ( Countdown )

SoScared will not be streaming on his channel, but will join in as co-commentator.

The tournament will be according to Tag Team:

teams of 2 guys

guy 1 from team A fights guy 1 from team B in a 1vs1 (1 point)

guy 2 from team A fights guy 2 from team B in 1 1vs1 (1 point)

Team A teams up against a teamed up Team 2 in a 2vs2 (2 points)

If the result is a 2-2, another 2vs2 will be held to decide the winner

Entries close on March 2nd, 0:00 UTC so be sure to register now! You may register and find more information here

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The announcement by FiveAces is pure awesome.


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