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EA's Leak on a C&C Tiberium game in 2016?

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But that doesn't imply you know how to make FPS, RTS or RPG games. Mechanic can be a perfect in repairs of European cars, but won't handle US or Asian ones.

That point makes no sense ,

your point is in terms of saying specialists exist, which is true, but she knows core principles of RTS, and different game genres based on her programing background. I don't know how to program, yet I know the overarching similarities in design and mechanics for RTS games as well.


It's about knowing enough about the parts of a system to understand the big picture.

In your example, it's still a car, so although it's not their specialty, they can tell you more than a laymen.


Also Lauren knows what's she's talking about, she's served the C&C modding community for nearly a decade, most of us who have been hear trust her technical expertise, when it comes to C&C mechanics and mechanisms.



Yes, as said before, that is the "only" way EA will likely consider returning to C&C development.

And therein lies the problem, Initiative is key, if you make a game for the market, will it have a chance of standing out? If you make it as a reaction to something else, then your already playing catch up.


That's the sad thing, C&C was a trail blazer, a hallmark of RTS gaming.


Sure, competition is good, and helps bring the genre forward, but do people want RTS games?


perhaps, Halo is now a hall mark franchise, and they are expanding into a new market with RTS, the only hall mark brand RTS EA could do to compete, is of course C&C.


C&C was a market leader, not a follower.


So how do you do that again?

You suck it up, do your dam job, and lead.


But in order to lead, you need to know what to do, and where to go.

And you need trust.

Trust in your brand, in your team,in your abilities.


Until EA can do that again, there will never be a proper C&C RTS.


They will lose, it's already been decided, they decided it for themselves by their past actions. The challenge is to look to the future, and try something new, new in the sense of old. They need to think in long term planning, not short term quick bucks.


Furthermore, C&C is ruled by nostalgia, if you let the past dictate your future, you will lose.

It's about acknowledging it, setting it aside, putting it in its proper place, and innovate.


The best innovations aren't something totally new and never seen before, but moreover something that takes a familiar concept, and puts it to a new perspective, a new twist.


Does EA has what it takes?

Not now, maybe in the future..... or maybe never....

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I didn't know there was a Halo Wars 2. The last one was made by Ensemble amirite? They closed, so this game will be made by a different studio. Sounds good. My 'new' PC has awful specs so I won't be playing any of these new games but I'm sure there will be a following. I played Halo Wars on console but I don't remember anything magical about it, the main thing for me was "aghh RTS on a controller" and also the mission objective to "kill 50 banshees". How do you 'kill' a vehicle if it isn't alive to begin with? :)

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I didn't know there was a Halo Wars 2. The last one was made by Ensemble amirite? They closed, so this game will be made by a different studio.

Yes. Creative Assembly, of all people.

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"aghh RTS on a controller"



Yes. Creative Assembly, of all people.

But you have to admit they did make "RTS on a controller" work from the looks of it.

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So did EALA, after three tries :D

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On controller I don't think it's as enjoyable. If I get another console, I'll sit it on a desk and plug in a mouse and keyboard, and they can add support for it. Microsoft is doing this, merging Xbox with PC (mostly so that they've got us by the balls).

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Another Command & Conquer, well, they couldn't do worse than Red Alert 3, right?


Red Alert 3, bad all round, totally inaccurate.

Game-play, simply put: VX/Twinblade SPAM, takes the P###

Cutscenes, again, simply put in one word: WRONG

Even the menus were S###, they didn't even get that much right.

And why is it that it was 6 players instead of 8, even though it came after Tiberium Wars?


Tiberian Twilight, I don't know, worse maybe, but the ending was the worst part of it.

Game-play, one comment: WHAT THE F###!

Cutscenes, again, one comment: F###ING WHY!

The only thing they got right was the menus.

As for the achievements section, I am yet to work out how you was meant to do that honestly...

I got all of them on one profile, but that was with specialist maps and so on, I am trying to do it without the fancy maps on my other profile, not getting very far.


So if they do make a new Command & Conquer, I'm sure it will be better than what has gone of the most recent stuff.

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The thread is old and unrelated to your rant.



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