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Hardcore Henry, the first produced first-person POV movie ever

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Doom was probably the first movie from a video game to feature a partial first person POV shot in film, but not with a Go Pro camera.


Now Hardcore Henry is the first fully featured film to be mostly in first person POV with a Go Pro camera.... guess whose idea to produce this hardcore movie, the Russians!! Probably Doom, Deus Ex or any FPS game might have inspired this but it's like playing another pre-cursor to Deus Ex/COD as a movie.




I hope that future movies like Half-Life, Portal and Call of Duty should not have this POV, really.


Will you watch it, for curiosity?

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I don't like shaky cam at the best of times, and this looks like shaky cam on steroids. :|

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I think it would justify taking a look, if anything for experimenting with the first-person perspective.

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