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Generals Zero Hour Online - Can't play with friend

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Hello all,


my friend is having an issue with C&C generals Zero our online.

Although we have the same Router (ADB), same OS (WIndows 10) and living in the same city (not sure if it's relevant),

from some reason, when We try to play multiplayer online, we fail to do so. (we get a "Unable to connect to other players" message).

WE both have the SAME ports forwarded.


He has a fresh OS install.


I can play with other people perfectly fine.


He has no apparent firewall or Anti virus running.


We're clueless! :()


Please advise,



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You are using C&C:Online right? http://cnc-online.net/


Other people may offer different solutions but a quick Google search for the "Unable to connect to other players" error turned up this http://forums.revora.net/topic/90651-zero-hour-unable-to-connect-to-other-players/


After so many tries, it worked for me :)

I found that its because not all players have the setting correct maybe, or the server is working sometimes and sometimes not, anyway, I was able to play 3 times now, here are my setting, it may help:








Not sure if all these setting are needed though.

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Actually, you're not supposed to use the C&C:Online launcher for Generals and Zero Hour. Unhook those games, install GenTool and run Gen/ZH regularly.


Players running on the same router often have the issues connecting for reasons unrelated to the server.


It may also be that your friend didn't configure the game right. All is mentioned in the GameReplays online guide and the Common Issues & Solutions thread.

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