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Matthew Adams

Looking for assistance For CC:WWIII Strategy game

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I need help on making a new Command and conquer game that will go beyond the events of WWI and WWII I already have a group that we are working together to make a bigger and better Command and conquer, we already have ideas set up as well as resources, including plot lines, we are basically going for what would happen if Germany and Japan worked together to stop The U.S And allies. So now all we need is help as well as a bigger group to work on this project. If you want questions or details my Skype username is: [email protected] along with a friend of mind Geran Gerber

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I'm in no position to help, but I like the initiative you have :)


If I were making a CnC, the plot would end up something like End Of Nations: a group of international bankers bring ruin to America, to establish a one world government. They invent life extension technology to enable immortality (trans-humanism) and they enslave the masses with the aid of high technology. It would be like Alex Jones' Endgame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement.


Funny you should mention "new CnC" because I am thinking of posting a letter to EA about making more strategy games, though not necessarily CnC. I believe there's more potential in games like Tropico.

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what would happen if Germany and Japan worked together to stop The U.S And allies.

What is the premise? What factors allow the Axis Powers to win? A lot of factors led to their loss, including but not limited to:

  • Starting the war too early
  • Genocide of the Jews (causing Jewish scientists to flee to the Allies)
  • Hitler funding superheavy artillery and tanks instead of future technology
  • Attacking the USSR too soon
  • Belief that battleships were the decisive ship instead of aircraft carriers
  • Japan attacking America
  • Inability to maintain air-superiority
  • Overconfidence in encryption
  • Unsustainable resources
  • America's atomic research
  • Bad luck

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