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Confidential Top Secret Tiberian Sun Dossier Uncovered

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We have something special sent to us from an anonymous source. This is a confidential and top secret Tiberian Sun, second Tiberium War era dossier. It describes the operations of a double agent surrounding the events that took place during the second Tiberium War.


:ts:Confidential Top Secret Tiberian Sun Dossier (5.87 MB | PDF)


Where this document comes from is not important. How we have it, we will not say. How official is it? Well you decide. Read it, share it and give us your feedback about it.

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It bears similarities to the official Kane Dossier from 2007, it even uses its graphics for the most part, but that GDI logo...

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Guest Stevie_K

Minor visual oddities aside, this is awesome. I demand more!

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So who could this agent be? Is he seen in the Nod cutscenes?

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