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I am looking for video tutorials for modifying Command & Conquer 3 for my MOD.



The first thing I would like, adding unit abilities.

For some unknown reason, I don't seem to be able to add abilities.

I've checked all spelling within documents, and I've checked paths of documents, and no errors are coming back in CMD.


I want to add the Ability 'Charge Advanced Defences' to the Obelisk.

It is a clone of the normal 'Charge Defences' from the Beam Cannon.

My Advanced Obelisk is working fine though.



The second thing is regarding OCL.

I have the issue of the OCL not linking up to the structure it corresponds to.

Structure: MutantTiberiumSilo

Unit for OCL: MutantHorde


Note: I did ask about using content of the Forgotten MOD prior to usage, and the agreed units will not be added (as requested).



Next, the UI files.

I want to add three new factions: CCS, Forgotten and UN

How do add the UI's for these new factions without removing the Original files for the Original Factions.


Further requests will be added soon.

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Well I am still waiting for Independence Day Resurgence movie to come out, hoping to look for new alien encounters..... and that movie will likely influence some ideas to any C&C5 game or mod.

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