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Game crashes when 8 players playing together (LAN)

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Hello guys,


I've got a problem with C&C G:ZH (version 1.04).

Some friends and I playing C&C at our LAN-party, but we have a problem when 8 players want to play together cause when the 8th player joins the lobby the game of host get freezed and the other 7 get kicked from the lobby. We already tried changing the host and the last player which is joining, but it never worked. We also checked the firewall and our IPs, nut nothing helped yet.

Anyone know how to fix that problem?

Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)

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The eighth guy might have an incompatible version. Ask him where he got it.

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We played after that problem 2v2 in two groups and there were no issue while playing together. We also re-installed the 1.04 patch on every PC.

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This is odd. Try asking in the Zero Hour Tech Support forum on GameReplays.org. Perhaps xezon, the author of GenTool knows about the issue.

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