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Ardent Seas - Now on Kickstarter!

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We are probably all familiar with mod maker Helge who is probably most famous for his TW mod Tiberian Apocalypse. One of the best mods for Tiberium Wars. You can see his full mod author list here.


Anyway he has been developing his own RTS for quite some time now and it's finally up on Kickstarter!



Ardent Seas is a Naval Real Time Strategy game. Every player starts with a Flagship, and the goal is to destroy the enemy Flagships.

The Flagship can produce some of the ships, but larger ones, like Battleships and Carriers are built in Shipyards. It also acts as floating tech lab, where new units, upgrades and abilities are unlocked.

Shipyards are found on conquerable Islands spread around the maps, along with other types of structures. Such as refineries, that increase the mining yield of harvesting units. Also airfields, that allow the production and maintenance of extra aircraft. And defensive installations, to keep the Islands and nearby friendly ships safe.

Resources are mined from underwater deposits by special units and structures, as well as from a special type of Island rich in resources. Resource deposits come in three flavors: Metal Ore, Hydrocarbons, and mixed deposits containing both.


The game features three unique factions. The Tenorran Defense Navy, TDN for short, the Coalition Navy, commonly shortened as CN, and the Ravagers.

The Tenorran Defense Navy are the Naval branch of the Tenorran Union, a federal union of advanced nations. In true modern navy style, their units are fast, and primarily use missiles as weapons, as well as electronic warfare. The fight at long range, but their range comes at the cost of armor. Their biggest strength is their powerful air force.

Slower, but very well armored, is the Coalition Navy. a multinational navy part of the Coalition of Populist Socialist Nations, the second major power on the planet. Their ships trade mobility and range for armor and firepower. Their Submarine fleet is unrivaled, and their ships are more reliant on large cannons than missiles.

The Ravagers are an armada of drones of unknown origin. Their units are extremely fast, and have shields to protect their comparatively weak armor. They fight at very short ranges, where their ships can put their high damage potential to use.


Ardent Seas takes place on the planets of Pyrios and Tenorra, two Earthlike ocean planets in the same binary star system. Pyrios orbits an unusually large Brown Dwarf, and is a recently established colony of the inhabitants of Tenorra. Tenorra is somewhat bigger than Earth, but with less landmass, and orbits an F5V class Star. It was colonized some centuries ago by Humans from Earth, and has gone through a short dark age since then.
The planets are under attack by the Ravagers, and it will be on you to fend them off.



So go back his Kickstarter and become a follower on IndieDB. It's the least we can do after having played Tiberian Apocalypse for free.

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