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Someone in the C&C community needs to help out finishing the OS Big Editor

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Banshee created this tool about a decade ago where it works specifically for C&C3/KW. But then, nothing much came about for years, until I told Banshee why it wasn't continuing and I got this answer: http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=546866


It's so sad no one in the C&C community was willing to help Banshee finish the OS Big Editor. I wished Bibber would have done it since he released pretty much almost every good C&C tool(s) in the last several years (other than JonWil). I know FinalBIG can open and create BIG files larger than 600 MB (and even 800 MB), even for those working in C&C Generals/Zero Hour, but that program cannot compress BIG files when saved.


The reason I asked this is because of RA3 and C&C4. They got BIG files over 600 MB and there's no program right now that can compress it to the refpack compression level that EA did to those games. Pretty much all I can do right now is creating uncompressed BIG files with FinalBIG.

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Most everything I know is related to web design. I haven't done a thing with anything else since college more than 10 years ago now. I can read code. I can bug hunt. I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, but when it comes to actual creation, I'm limited to what web browsers read.

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