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Why Challenger is so easy in Zero Hour?

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Hello this is my first post here.


I wonder why Challenger missions in Zero hour are so easy even on hard difficulty? I mean let's take a look on Air force challenge. He is so easy even on hard difficulty, he never uses A10 strikes, never use Battle ship and never buy any upgrades for his planes. Also after first wave of the attacks he then suddenly stops attacking you like he doesn't have money... Also he doesn't use battle plans for strategy center unless you make it in scripts.



I have downloaded a program called ''FinalBig'' i have opened Zero hour maps and i can edit official maps in World editor. There i can edit Air force Challenge map. So my question is why he is so easy? Most of his scripts are disabled in the game and not properly put.


if you open scripts and look you can see that for example his ''Laser Guided missile'' upgrade is not running at all because it requires from him to have less than 800 money which is impossible. I edited a few things and i made him to use all available upgrades in the game. He uses bunker busters, Countermeasures which he didn't.


But how to edit him to use A10 strikes? There is script for it but it just says for him to be able to fire it, i don't know how to make waypoint for it because he can't use that ability. He is really really weak in challenge. I did buff him a little but i can't seem to make him use general power. I was able to put him to use particle cannon which works good but can't do for powers.


Also look at Nuke general. He never uses his Migs to fight you, he always send small troops, literally does nothing, while Doctor Thrax is made to be like pro gamer same goes for prince Kassad. They are the only ones made to be good at hard difficulty others sucks.


Is this because EA didn't had time to make others better? I really want to edit those scripts but i don't know every one of them. I'm not that skilled. So is there any guide on internet that might help me on that or any patch that will make Al better? Maybe that unofficial patch?


Sorry for this long post.

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The game (released version of Generals:Zero Hour) is incomplete. Too many unused units, structures, upgrades, general powers, generals for challenge mode, gameplay features and quotes. I believe it is because of time constraints. They had a lot of good ideas and features for the game, but they didn't implement many of them, so the game isn't as good as it can be if they just fully utilize the cut content and tweak the generals in the challenge to fully make use of their exclusive units, upgrades and general powers.


As for the FinalBig thingy, I haven't touch it for years but I remember getting a lot of help editing stuffs by using a search engine.

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One of the reasons the modding community for this game is so massive. There are several Mods out there that pretty much finished the base game from what it could have originally been if EA had spent more time on it.

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