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Scorpion Tanks weapons (Solved)

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Hi guys,


Is there any way to keep the scorpion tanks having both weapons after the laser upgrade. I just want it to be a little more powerful as its way too weak for the predator. I know GDI is all heavy armor things but still hoping a good match.



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Iirc the scorpion tank the same bone for both weapons, so enless you add a secondary bone both weapons will fire from the same barrel.


But you can remove the forbidden condition from the cannon weapon


		ForbiddenFiringObjectStatus="WEAPON_UPGRADED_01" <- remove this

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Why not just increase the firepower of the weapons?

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There is a mod named "Lockdown" which lets the scorpion keep both weapons, and both fire from their respective turrets. I dont know how exactly he did that. I asked the dev to help but couldnt get a reply.

Bibbers tools really help if you want models etc. but the main modding thing is about the xmls which arent retrievable I guess. Wrathed doesnt get TW xmls from other mods I think.

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Anyways I was able to achieve what I wanted. Now Both turrets are there and they fire properly. I guess they have different bones. So the point that they both will fire from a single turret isnt right I guess.

 It was just a matter of tweaking the xml of the Radiertank.


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