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Soundtrack of Yuri's Revenge

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Hello. Does anyone know where I can find a place to download or acquire the soundtrack of Yuri's Revenge? Preferably, in Flac format.

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You can, however, get them in WAV format from the game files. Using XCC Mixer, open theme.mix (thememd.mix for Yuri's Revenge) from the disc (or directory if you have the TFD or TUC release) and extract them individually. You can later convert them to MP3 with VLC Media Player or any other converter you like.

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You can convert them from WAV to FLAC too, y'know :P


I should really check if the versions over at Frank Klepacki's site (those are all in MP3, btw) are higher quality than the ingame versions.

It's useless, it's not lossless, the WAV used in the game for soundtrack is lossy, converting it to FLAC won't make it in "higher" quality, it will be exactly the same (lossy, bad quality)

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