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MOD request (I will be terribly thankful if you can do it-won't take long!)

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I will be extremely happy / thankful if you can fulfill a request of mine. It really does take a lot of time for me to learn how to MOD kane's wrath so I decided to ask experienced modders here for a mod.


I want a mod for Kane's wrath where the MARV stats are changed as follows


size : 30% bigger visual size of the unit

cost : from 5000 credits to 20 000

build time : from 50 seconds to 500

hitpoints : from 19000 to 65000

damage : from 1200 to 3600

hitpoints regen : give MARV 200hp/regen per sec by default.

range of the gun : 30% bigger


That's it. I will be really thankful for you guys if you can do it. I just want to enjoy different gameplay with GDI. You can give a link in the thread here if you do it or you can send it to : [email protected]


Really thanks!

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