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OpenRA - The Great War WWI Mod Announced

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A new World War 1 inspired mod for OpenRA has been announced. The great war began on July 28, 1914, when Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. The conflict rapidly spread and soon, Germany, Russia, France, and Great Britain were all drawn into the war. This was due to treaties that obligated them to defend certain countries. The Great War mod will feature many unique feature directional based tank armour. Units with this trait have a damage modifier for incoming attacks. Depending which direction the projectile hit, damage will be different. There is also a population limit, units require population which can be increased by building houses. Swamp terrain, only passable by infantry. Rails, trains can only be built and run on rails. You can learn more about the The Great War mod for OpenRA by clicking here.

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This is great news. I love to know other people are using it as an engine for their ideas...

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