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My non-plot-spoiler thoughts on Suicide Squad

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The reviews are bashing it for legitimate flaws, but I didn't mind it. I gave it a pass, and enjoyed the movie.



My non-plot-spoiler thoughts...

Saw it on Friday... heavy/liberal use of soundtrack sets the mood and works as a cheap/quick way to build characters.

It's a little sloppy, but solid performances from everyone except for perhaps the weird undulations of the cgi enemy while working on the doomsday weapon.

Doesn't quite nail it, not a MCU killer, but a LOT more fun that BvS.

Justice league trailer spoils the simple end-credit scene... wished I had watched that the other way around.

Severely suffers from the lack of a mature rating, some decent action sequences but needs to cross the line a bit more. Too kid friendly?



(Glad I didn't watch any trailers for the past 6 months at least!)

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Yeah I went saw Suicide Squad this past Friday as well. Forget the horrible reviews this movie seemed to get, they are totally wrong, its awesome. Will Smith as Deadshot was great, Harley Quinn is completely nuts. Kinda liked this portrayal of The Joker too. Heath Ledger's Joker will always be number 1 but Jared Leto did a great job.


You have really nit pick to find real negative things about Suicide Squad.

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I'm planning to finally re-watch SW:Force Awakens for the second time after seeing it in the cinema on release week. It occurred to me today, that my experience with it was similar to Suicide Squad. A lot of things wrong, but I forgave it, because it was by and by... fun.

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