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Pokemon Go isn't the only game with "Go" in it

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Apparently Deus Ex Go is released today sooner than Deus Ex Manking Divided: http://www.gamezone.com/news/deus-ex-go-gets-an-official-release-date-3442476


There's also Hitman Go and Lara Craft Go.


Now I am thinking other games deserve a mobile game such as:

Harry Potter Go (even fans are screaming for it already with petitions!)

Mario & Sonic Go

Call of Duty Go

Half-Life Go

C&C Go (this definitely must be proposed to EA)

Starcraft Go

Warcraft Go

Minecraft Go

8-Bit Go


Too bad neither Valve, Activision, Blizzard and even EA thought of it yet. The possibilities are endless!


But I think you guys are probably tired of hearing new and current mobile games with "Go" in it.

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