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Tiberian Twilight in WatchMojo.com's Top 10 Worst Strategy Games

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WatchMojo.com has once again visited the theme of strategy games, and this time, they've counted down the top 10 worst games in the genre. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight is featured right off the bat in spot #10. Check out the video above to see the full countdown.

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That C&C4 game showed that EA was terrible on ending C&C once and for all. And my answer (for a C&C3 expansion mod that I am working on) to C&C4 is still months away from a release. Even C&C4 still needs a video titled "How C&C4 should have ended".


But ROFLMAO at #1!!!! Stalin vs Martians may be a parody game mix of C&C Red Alert and C&C3, but doesn't come close for a strategic game.

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