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Nightfall - Single Player Puzzle Mission for Yuri's Revenge

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>> Description <<
Name: NightFall
Game: Yuri's Revenge
Editor: FinalAlert2
Type: Puzzle
Size: 131 x 180

Yuri has escaped to the ancient dinosaur time to hide from us, everything gradually went back to normal. Until one day...

Many groups of mutated T-Tex were sighted in all major cities on Earth and started to attack us ! Preliminary report indicates Yuri is behind this. After soviet launched their nuclear missiles, our planet is completely destroyed. The Allie started up the time machine and send an elite group back time to investigate the attack, and hope to save the world. oops, they messed up the teleportation coordinates and our engineer ended up somewhere else!!

Commander, our fate is in your hand!

>> Install <<
1, make sure you are playing official YR v1.001, mods may modify attributes of some units, which may not be able to trigger win condition

2, extract nightfall.yrm and put it in your game directory

3, start Yuri's Revenge
3.1) choose the nightfall map from skirmish
3.2) set your location to 1
3.3) set [superweapons] and unset others
3.4) [Game speed], [Credits], [unit Count] are not important

>> Objective <<
1, destroy the [psychic beacon]
2, destroy the [psychic tower] to secure the chronosphere
3, break the [protection wall] to get out
4, destroy [soviet radar] to find out the [T-rex source]
5, eliminate the [T-rex source] and gain access to regional map
6, power up chronosphere and destroy [yuri's fortress] once for all





You can browse full map image here [iMAGE Here]


>> Notes <<
I am no map professional, this is my first attempt to create something. I just modified the official map wild animal park to this puzzle type mission, you are suppose to make use of the environment to complete objectives. it plays similar to the campaign mission "Dark Night". Only this one is more complicated, with lots of hidden clues for you to find out. Be careful and save often !

>> Video <<



>> FUN <<

Hope you have fun !

any suggestions are welcome :-)


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