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19 Years And Counting - Another CNCNZ.com Milestone

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Another year has gone by so that means we have reached 19 years online covering Command & Conquer games and the community. Its clear things aren't as fast pace as the old days but people still do visit the site, they follow us on the likes Twitter and Facebook and our forums see peeks of activity as well. But through all of this, EA remains silent on the official side of things. No news from them about the future of the Command & Conquer franchise. There is nothing big planned for our 19th anniversary other than recognising the achievement, maybe some bigger plans will be made when we reach the 20th anniversary this time in 2017.


CNCNZ.com, October 1997 to October 2016.... 19 years and counting!

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Ever since then until today, I still love CNCNZ. :P:D^_^

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