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Rolling Stone: How Red Alert Changed Strategy Games Forever

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While the mistaken celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first Red Alert three weeks prematurely can be much attributed to the erroneous data on Wikipedia (which has been fixed with a source link), it still didn't stop people celebrating the game. A flashback article has appeared on the Rolling Stone website of all places, which investigates what was it in Red Alert that affected the way RTS games were made from then on. Here's an excerpt:


Much of Red Alert is wrapped up in its story. Released at a time when video games were cashing in on the megabytes of storage space afforded to them by CD-ROM, full-motion video cutscenes were a huge selling point. Command & Conquer featured actors superimposed on CG backgrounds to contextualise its missions, but Red Alert expanded on them with all the subtlety of a WWE production.


Click here to read the full article.

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"with all the subtlety of a WWE production"

^Ha, great line.

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