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CNCNZ.com Poll: Your Favourite C&C Renegade Map

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Many months have past since we last changed the main site poll. So based on a recent tweet from the Renegade X team I thought it would be a good idea to start this new poll called What was your favourite C&C Renegade map? You can only pick one. Forgotten all about the classic maps in C&C Renegade? You can remind yourself about them on this page. To vote in this poll you need to be on the main page of our site, and cast your vote in the poll box on the right side bar. You can also check the current results in the Poll Archives. And, as always, don't forget to share any feedback or comments about this poll as well.



Now lets take a quick look back the results from the previous poll, What is your favourite sub faction in Kane's Wrath? With the 31% of the vote, many of you stay loyal to the Brotherhood and the Black Hand sub faction. Full results can be found in the Poll Archives.

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C&C Field.


Even after all these years, I still remember the map with its tunnels, bunkers and its waterfall in the middle. Great map that was fairly balanced (maybe aside from Nod nuking that barracks from inside the tunnel >_> ) and was fun to play for both sides...


All these GDI MLRS and tanks constantly shooting at the HoN and the anger/glee when a GDI attack force was whipped out because someone left his mammoth for repairs... good times.

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Field and Under are the only ones memorable to me, and my limited gametime. If only because I knew them from the Renegade, and was blown away but the dejavu... new and the same all at once.

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